Veronique K.

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Véronique is a busy woman between her work as a science television producer and her role as a mother of two little boys. Cycling has always been a great way for her to relax, get outside, and have some “me time”. She used to cycle before kids for commuting and charity rides like the MS150 and for Team Fox (where she would raise money for Parkinson’s research by riding 500 miles across Iowa on RAGBRAI).

Joining Doña Pan took her cycling passion to a new level, riding much more regularly and with more focused training, and has introduced her to a great new sisterhood with the women she rides with. Bike racing always seemed like an unattainable dream. She was never very athletic in school, and even when she thought about bike racing before she had kids, she was told that she didn’t stand a chance.

Meeting the girls from Doña Pan changed that mindset for her!

She went from “I can’t” to “I will”. She started racing a week after she got her first racing bike. It was exhilarating and fun, and even though she didn’t touch podium that day, it didn’t matter. She hugged her new teammates and felt like she was a part of something. And she vowed to do better next time.

Véronique’s recommendation to anyone curious about bike racing is JUST DO IT. There is no right time. You will never be 100% ready. You need to get racing experience and the only way to do that is to try a race. Try to stay with the group if you can, and if you get dropped don’t sweat it, just finish the race (DO NOT STOP if at all possible- you’ll regret it and it will be harder for you to race next time because you’ll have that DNF in your mind).

And most of all keep it fun!