Nathalie M.

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Nathalie’s favorite biking types are Road and Mountain biking, although Gravel rides can be a ton of fun. 

She started riding at the age of 23 when her coworker invited her to try mountain biking for the first time. After a few sessions and a couple of new scars, she was invited to try a social ride in the evening and was introduced to road biking.

Since then her life changed forever!

Not only did she meet her partner, but the passion for biking as a sport began to pull her into learning more and more. There wasn’t enough content in the world that she could read, watch, or hear related to biking, getting stronger, learning the different mechanical components, and anything related to starting to race.  

She practiced with her social ride friends, graduated to morning training rides, and soon became a regular in the Muppets clique. When Doña Pan came up, Nathalie knew she wanted to try it out and be on the new women’s specific ride.

What she didn’t realize then was this group of eclectic, driven, smart women will one day become her family – in cycling and in life. “There’s a bond shared between all of us, our love for life, and our love of riding. We make each other stronger and build each other up during hard times. That’s what this community is all about.”

Her advise to new riders: 
Follow your passions, keep learning, keep getting stronger, and find a committed group of like-minded women that help you navigate the headwinds.

Never stop learning, never stop getting out of your comfort zone!!