Kelly F.

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Kelly has been around bikes her entire life – that’s what happens when your parents own a bike shop. However, she struggled with finding her clique within the sport and community. It was always recreational and she felt she should stay within her comfort zone.
In January of 2018 she found herself wanting to branch out – and with perfect timing she was invited for a Sunday, Superbowl-themed ride from Isabella Rojas. After her first 52 mile ride, she realized she found her group.

Her love for cycling instantly went to the next level from that one ride!

Joining Doña Pan sparked this mantra of “why not me”? She started to see that from the diversity in the group that she wasn’t alone. She shared the same concerns, struggles, and hesitations, but she saw how these women still succeeded through that. Her first race came along and she signed up with the thought of “I’ll never be ready until I do it”. Mid race she said to Isabella, “this is so fun”. And like that she was hooked. She came in last, but if you saw her you would think she came in first. She has continuously been surprised and excited with her achievements. Signing up for multiple races, riding her first century ride, and even traveled to Central Florida and Georgia tackle on the mountains. She has taken hold of her journey – without comparing herself to others.

Kelly’s recommendation to anyone curious about biking or anything in life is to: Just Try. We tell kids you can’t say you don’t like it till you try it, well – this is the same. Communicate to others – it’s ok to say “I don’t know if I can”. If you’re with us, you’ll be sure to hear us reply with “You can. And we’ll help you.” And lastly, just keep looking forward. You got dropped this time around? Look forward to the next ride or race, don’t dwell. Take it as a learning experience and use it. Enjoy your journey; Enjoy the ride.