Brittney H.

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Brittney started her interest in cycling by attending local casual rides on her fixed gear bike. It was a great way for her to meet new people, while being active, and explore Miami in a way she’s never experienced before. Since she loved everything about cycling; being outdoors, working out, while having fun she decided to purchase her first road bike so she can push herself to the next level. She wanted to ride with groups that would challenge her more but was intimidated since she was only a beginner. After hearing about Doña Pan and coming out to one morning ride, she found the perfect fit.

“Joining Doña Pan helped me learn that I can do it. The amount of motivation, support, and encouragement within this group is incredible.”

Since Brittney was always involved in sports growing up, cycling became her new sport, but she felt like something was missing. She missed all the serious training and competition she grew up with; yet another thought of defeat came across her mind “I can’t keep up. I’m not strong enough. I don’t have time. I’m going to get dropped.”

After asking her Doña fam, she realized it will always be challenging but all her zealous teammates will be riding alongside her; together. “I have learned that you aren’t going to get better or stronger unless you try and giving up is no longer an option for me. Every time I ride, there is always someone who learned a new skill, completed their longest ride, beat their best time, or completed more bridge climbs than before.

“The best reward is seeing all the women of Doña Pan doing what we always thought we couldn’t.” 

All level ladies are welcome, lets have some fun!