Team Values

Thanks for joining US!

We strive to build each other up to our greatest potential while sharing a sport we all enjoy. As female cyclists we have all struggled against the current in one way or another, and this group is that other option. Dona Pan welcomes female riders with open arms. We strive to help develop one another in a positive community that reflects who we are and what we can accomplish when we work together as a team. 

To this end, we wanted to take this opportunity to reinforce our values, and introduce you all to what we are about – these values have helped our group flourish, and as we grow, will be critical to success and integrity.

By offering a morning bike ride (every day) led by local experienced female riders, gradually a community was organically built. One that now has accumulated over 200+ members within its first year. We focus on basic to advance clinics; from learning to ride a bicycle and simple maintenance, to organizing a training schedule and preparing for that next race.

Fun environments are thriving environments!!
Our welcoming community is built on creative ice breaking mixers which introduce new riders to veteran athletes, where questions and answers can be exchanged in a informatively helpful way.

After receiving positive responses from our local cycling community we have taken to the task of improving women’s bicycle racing as a whole. As some riders have been appointed Bicycle Racing Association board members, others carry the position in select university cycling club boards.
We hold fast in the progression of women athletic programs for all ages and look forward to propelling the cycling industry in a new direction. 

As a community driven effort, it is no easy task to successfully run a cycling club. The race team, who lead the instructional rides and mixers, would be unsustainable if not for the help of donations and dedicated sponsors: Perezluha Coaching, Oakley, Tailwind, Solo Warrior Socks, Fizik, Peppermint Cycling, 231 Salon, and more… 

We strive for a healthier community by offering opportunities to all women through cycling. To support more girls and women on bikes, consider becoming a sponsor or making a donation. 

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